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NATO Summit 2021 Communiqué

On 14th of June, Heads of State and Government issued the communique at the close of the NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium at the NATO Brussels Summit, the Allies:
 Reiterated their support to territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia;
 Called on call on Russia to reverse its recognition of the Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions of Georgia as independent states; to end its militarisation there and attempts to forcibly separate them from the rest of Georgia through the continued construction of border-like obstacles; and to cease the human rights violations, arbitrary detentions, and harassments of Georgian citizens;
 Reaffirmed the decision made at the 2008 Bucharest Summit that Georgia will become a member of the Alliance with the Membership Action Plan (MAP) as an integral part of the process;
 Stressed their firm support for Georgia’s right to decide its own future and foreign policy course free from outside interference;
 Expressed appreciation for Georgia’s substantial contributions to NATO operations, which demonstrate its commitment and capability to contribute to Euro-Atlantic security;
 Commended the significant progress on reforms which Georgia has made and must continue to make, helping the country to strengthen its defence capabilities and interoperability with the Alliance.
 Confirmed that Georgia’s relationship with the Alliance contains all the practical tools to prepare for eventual membership.

 Highlighted close work with Georgia on security in the Black Sea region, in response to Russia’s increasingly destabilising activities, and welcomed the steps taken to implement the refreshed Substantial NATO-Georgia Package.


 Brussels Summit Communiqué of 14 June 2021 is available at: https://bit.ly/3gn1l2d