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The North Atlantic Council visit to Batumi

“The North Atlantic Council’s visit is a very meaningful message to our country, both from political and practical standpoint” – Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani told journalists following the NATO-Georgia Commission meeting.  
According to him, the NATO-Georgia Commission discussed the progress Georgia has achieved in delivering defence reforms and strengthening democratic institutions. Conversations during the meeting also included the situation in Georgia’s occupied territories.
“We received very positive assessments from the permanent representatives of all member states, as well as from the Deputy Secretary General. Georgia is recognized as an exemplary aspirant country with all practical instruments that allow us to move faster towards our ultimate goal, i.e. membership. We also discussed the security challenges facing our region and the situation in Georgia’s occupied territories” – Zalkaliani said.
According to him, Georgia’s partners clearly express their support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.  
“Discussions also focused on Black Sea security issues that were highlighted in the declaration of the previous NATO Summit that is unprecedented.  As far as you know  this meeting at the level of summit was held for the first time with respect to Georgia, and this very declaration which deals with all key issues and practical steps to be taken, including towards strengthening Black Sea security, and the agreements that were reached then need to be translated into practical dimension, and we have serious progress in this direction as well.  All this was reflected in the joint statement adopted by the NATO Council and it is important that our partners are unanimous in recognizing the progress achieved and we are consistently moving ahead towards our final goal – membership of NATO” – Zalkaliani said.
The NATO-Georgia Commission adopted a joint statement within the framework of the NAC’s visit to Georgia.