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Welcome to the website of the Mission of Georgia to NATO.

Our intent is to better present the NATO-Georgia relations, as well as the activities of the Mission.

Georgia’s NATO membership policy is a nationwide choice of our multiethnic population and enjoys consensus across the political spectrum of the country. The people of Georgia fully share the values of freedom and democracy that are at the heart of the Alliance. We have embarked irreversibly on the road of comprehensive democratic transformation. The Georgian Government launched a fundamental and successful reform process in nearly all spheres of public sector, which are widely recognized by our international partners and institutions including NATO.   

Since 1994 Georgia participates in the NATO Partnership for Peace Program, while at 2002 NATO summit in Prague we officially declared our aspiration to join the Alliance. At the Bucharest summit in 2008 the Allied nations took a decision that Georgia will become a member of NATO. 

NATO-Georgia Commission and Annual National Program represent major tools for practical cooperation and political consultations between Georgia and the Alliance, which promote the Euro-Atlantic integration of the country. Together with high-level political dialogue, the mechanisms, which help Georgia to improve defense and resilience capabilities, are of critical importance. In this regard, effective implementation of the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package and new practical ways to enhance efforts adopted at the 2016 Warsaw Summit remain among the top priorities for Georgia. With persisting efforts from the sides, all Allies and some partner countries are engaged in implementation of the SNGP. It is worth noting that in accordance with the NATO decision, Georgia’s relationship with the Alliance contains all practical tools necessary to prepare for membership.              

As a NATO aspirant country, Georgia has demonstrated its commitment to the shared Euro-Atlantic security and proved to be a reliable partner of the Alliance. For more than a decade, Georgian militaries have been deployed in international and NATO-led operations alongside with the forces of the Allied and partner nations in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali and Central African Republic. It has to be underlined that Georgia maintained the largest non-NATO troop contribution to the ISAF operation in Afghanistan and with almost 900 troops currently deployed on the ground, Georgia represents one of the key contributor nation to the Resolute Support Mission. In order to make our forces available for the NATO-led operations, we took a decision to participate in NATO Response Force. 

Georgia’s active participation in the Allied missions have significantly increased interoperability with NATO forces. In 2014, as NATO’s one of the most interoperable partners, Georgia was granted the status of an Enhanced Opportunities Partner, which supports the NATO integration process.

We continue cooperation with the Alliance on Black Sea security. Georgia is actively engaged in strategic discussions with NATO on this very important topic. In addition, work is underway to ensure Georgia’s participation in NATO’s practical measures to strengthen Black Sea security.       

The people of Georgia highly appreciate NATO’s strong support to the territorial integrity of Georgia in its internationally recognized borders and non-recognition of so-called “independence” of Georgia’s occupied territories. 

I hope this website will help you find proper information on our country as well as get acquainted with the work of the Mission. We encourage you to visit us regularly and welcome your questions and comments.
Alexander Maisuradze
Ambassador, Head of the Mission of Georgia to NATO